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What Causes Cataracts

Dec 19, 2016

What Causes Redness In The Eyes Several Factors Can Cause Eye Redness, Of Which The Most Common Causes Are Explained Below: An Injury Or Trauma To The Eyes Can Cause The Blood Vessels Present Near The Surface To Enlarge And Dilate.

Also by opting natural remedies, usage of eye drops and medication that contain chemical formulations should be avoided. When one observes blood in the front part of the eye between the cornea and the pupil, it needs immediate medical help. Cornea is kept transparent for maximum vision clarity by supplying oxygen from the tears and pumping of water from the endothelium layer. In most cases, the condition subsides within one or two weeks. What Causes Redness in the Eyes Several factors can cause eye redness, of which the most common causes are explained below: An injury or trauma to the eyes